Top 9 travel tech companies to watch out for in 2023 and beyond


Travel tech companies

Travel tech companies have made significant changes within the travel industry, here are the top travel companies to watch out for in 2023 and beyond.


Travel tech companies

Airalo founded in 2019, is a travel technology company based in Singapore. Founded by Bahadir Ozdemir is funded by 12 investors to date and has raised $7.3m dollars The platform allows travellers to stay connected through Esim, with access to over 200 Esim travellers who can choose from varieties of packages– local, regional or global.

All you need to do is download the application from your Google Play Store or IOS store choose your destination and package, and then install it. You can instantly connect to the world from anywhere. This is particularly useful in regions without Wi-Fi access and helps you reduce the costs of internet roaming. Purchasing data is cheaper compared to what the local service providers offer where you are.

Travel perk

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Investors: 28

Total funding: $408.2m, Series D

 Travel perk helps travel companies conduct online searches, expense risk, management, travel cancellation, VAT and sustainable travel while helping you save money at the same time.

An interesting thing about this software is its UX consideration, instant set up fee, 80% cost backs for customer support and free trial on your desired plan. And it’s incredible proposition to streamline corporate travel management for its users and 30 seconds of customer support response time.


Funding: Seed stage $1M

Investors: 7 investors

Year:  March 2018

Previously named (youtravel. me) helps travellers create wonderful wanderlust experiences.  The company creates itineraries taking into consideration what travellers expect to see on their tour you get a $ 30 discount when you sign up.

They make tours and vacations easy by offering travellers an innovative tool to choose their wanderlust and reach their destination through community and friendships. This distinct mission is displayed all over their website as their merch has the inscription “I don’t know you but I came here to meet you”.


Funding: Series B, $36.6M

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Investors: 13

Year: 2012.

The all-in-one SaaS platform helps vacation rental professionals increase occupancy, increase income and save time.

With lodgify vacation professionals can build a website and process bookings seamlessly. The platform has a no obligation 7 days free trial.

Luxurytravel Hackers

Funding: Seed stage, $1.3M

Location: Austin, Texas US.

Founded: 2019.

Luxury travel hackers provide cheap luxury travel, weird right? Luxury hackers have helped its customers save over 21,300 AUD. With a community of over one million followers, LTH takes advantage of travel influencers and paid ads to make vacation booking easy as a click. This is based on the fundamental of good content marketing to lead to conversion. Their product package includes vacation packages, custom itineraries and VIP services.

Travel industry startups


Funding: 28.5million euros

Location: Munich, Germany

Investors: 5

Roadsurfer is Europe’s top camper rental company covering over 52 stations in 12 countries in Europe, roadsurfer provides camper and motor home that is cosy, comfortable and efficient for travellers at affordable fees.

The camper vans comprise kitchen utensils outdoor camping chairs and everything you need to make your dream travel destination. For as low as 89 euros/night you can get unlimited mileage, road assistance and a second driver. The campervans are dog-friendly and allow additional add-ons for those travelling with family.


Location: Munich, Germany

Funding: Series E, $199.8m

Investors: 20 investors

Founded: 2014.

Holidu compares over 15, 278,302 vacation rentals to provide vacationers/ travellers options fit for their vacation. Holidu is a search engine that not only provides vacation homes but gives users options on house boats, lofts, farms, cottages, private apartments, villas mansions and castles helping you save over 50% by providing pricing variations on the same property.

The platform scans users’ reviews for each property to help you decide which is best. With its Google street view features travellers are able to inspect their travel locations so that natural causes do not disrupt their travel plans.


GetYourGuide is a Berlin-based OTA and marketplace for excursions and tour guides. Founded in 2009. GetYourGuide sells tours, excursions, cooking classes and tickets to tourist attractions. Its last round of funding was $886.2M and was to finance the company’s debt.

Tourists have to follow outlined practices to be enlisted. The platform gives people the opportunity to review their tours and guides, when bad reviews get too much for a particular tour guide/centre such tourist guide is removed from the platform.


Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Investors: 3

Funding: $3.9 million (Equity crowd-funding)

Year: 2016

Luggagehero allows individuals to book their service online without downloading the application, afterwards, they receive directions and drop their luggage off at one of their partner’s locations. This service is particularly good as it helps travellers ease stress. With as little as 6.35 euro/day or 0.95 euro/hour, individuals are able to keep their property safe. Insurance covers luggage whose payment is made directly to Luggagehero. Storing at a local store is more convenient than going to a storage facility at a train station.

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