Developing a Startup Content Strategy: Reasons And How to

If you listen to the likes of Alex Hormozi, PBD, and Grant Cardone common words amongst these three creators are (quality, quantity, and content).

Consistent quality content wins every time!

They’ve scored the top spot online because they have a content strategy.

A content strategy is the use of audio, visual, and/or written content to achieve your business goals.

developing content strategies for startups

Content strategy VS Content marketing

Often the terms content strategy and content marketing are used interchangeably. However, they are actually different from each other and have different meanings.

Content strategy

Content strategy is beyond content marketing, a successful content strategy makes your startups more flexible and scale accordingly. It involves managing all existing content and reusing or repurposing successful content over time.

Content marketing

Content marketing for startups, on the other hand, is about building an audience to achieve business goals, such as increased revenue or more customers.

 Content marketing answers the question WHY, WHO, and HOW.

Reasons Why Startups Need to Develop a Content Strategy 

Content strategy for startups

A content strategy helps you carve a successful plan for authentic and cost-friendly means of generating website traffic and leads.

Imagine creating a blog post that keeps generating a consistent amount of organic traffic, it will continue to generate new leads for you over time – long after you have clicked the “Publish” button.

Having a constant source of traffic and leads from your content keeps it evergreen and gives you the freedom to try other marketing tactics to increase the revenue generated, such as social media advertising, distributed content, and sponsored content advertising.

With a content strategy, your content not only helps you attract leads to your business but also educates your potential customers and increases your brand awareness.

Benefits of Content Strategy for Startups 

A successful content strategy will engage your target audience at every stage of the sales funnel and keep them engaged after the sale. It allows you to produce high-quality content that can help build trust with new audiences and lead to success that way.

In other words, a good content strategy lays the foundation for the Attract, Delight, and Retain stages of the Customer’s Journey. A content strategy, will not only attract potential customers to your brand, but also increase sales, success, and customer satisfaction.

How to Develop a Content Strategy for your Startup 

To develop a content strategy for startups  follow the steps below:

  • Identify your goals.
  • Research your intended market (the target audience)
  • Research your topics and keywords
  • Choose a content management system.
  • Determine what type of content you want to create.
  • Brainstorm content ideas.
  • Publish and manage your content.

If you plan an editorial calendar for content on specific topics, you can easily visualize your company’s message and, over time, establish yourself as an authority in your market.

Scale up your Startup with a good content strategy!

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