Content Writing Vs Copywriting

Content writing vs copywriting

If you’ve been wondering what gives your business the visibility it deserves, that would be content creation. Content creation encompasses various types of writing which include content writing and Copywriting. 

Copywriting and content writing are used interchangeably however, they serve different purposes in content marketing and advertising. To know which you should invest in; clarify your business objectives.

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Difference between Content Writing and Copywriting


To avoid putting a round peg in a square hole, there’s a need to differentiate content writing and copywriting, and what each does for your business.

Content writing entails producing text material in form of articles to create brand awareness or enlighten readers.

Content writers typically create high-quality articles to help with your marketing purposes and aid readers in understanding a subject matter, resolving potential customer’s concerns, or reaching a decision. 

Content writing has a longer lifespan with word counts, which range from 500 minimum words to 5000 words. Examples are Blog entries, white papers, news pieces, social media posts, ebooks, reference pages, and so on.

Contrarily, copywriting requires the development of text content that has an immediate impact and persuades readers to perform an action related to your business’s sales process.

According to Gerald Zaltman, a professor at Harvard University, over 90% of consumer purchases are motivated by emotions, which is the foundation of copywriting.

Copywriting has a shorter lifespan and uses fewer words to accomplish your content marketing objectives, while in some strange cases, there are copies of over ten pages, it all depends on who is writing and to whom they are writing. 

Sample copies can be found in print advertisements, billboards, sales emails, landing pages, press releases, and other types of content.

The ultimate objective of a copywriter is to persuade the reader to act, but a content writer’s objective is to gain the reader’s confidence and credibility.

Content WritingCopywriting
Usually long-form articles or content and it’s meant to educate, entertain and nurtureTakes a longer form and it’s meant to make readers take instant actions. 
Typically range from 500-5000 words in length Varies depending on the target audience 
Has a longer lifespanShorter lifespan with immediate effect
Employed in nurturing target audience Employed for sales and persuasion
Examples are Blog posts, white papers, ebooks, reference pages, etcExamples are billboards, sales emails, landing pages, etc
Works on driving organic trafficWorks on converting organic traffic into leads for businesses
Understands marketing principles and content positioning Uses copywriting best practices and marketing research for effective marketing 
Requires strong attention to detail and high creativityRequires solid brief before writing 
Content writing VS Copywriting

Which is best for your Business

Content writing

While creating articles or content for businesses is a common practice in both copywriting and content writing, their respective purposes vary. Which is best for your business will depend on your current marketing purposes and requirements. 

Copywriting is the best strategy to use if you want to boost sales or get more leads. Content writing is a better choice if you want to connect with your target audience and position yourself as a thought leader in your sector.

The skill behind Content writing and Copywriting

The skills needed to generate effective content writing and copywriting are what differentiates them. 

A copywriter employs written words to elicit emotions in your readers and motivate them to take certain purchasing actions. Typically, they are masters of persuasion, sales, and content marketing.

On the other hand, Content writers create well-written articles that bring organic traffic following comprehensive research for your brand awareness. A content writer must also be professional at producing worthwhile, educational content that isn’t too promotional, unlike copywriters.

Understanding the difference between copywriting and content writing and how they address your specific business goals will ultimately help you grow. 

Using copywriting and content writing for marketing

Copywriting is the art of imploring your readers to take a specific, generally quick action. It has an air of urgency and scarcity about it. Your CTA makes it seem as though your readers must click it immediately to enjoy the benefits of the aforementioned good or service.

But occasionally your target audience might not be prepared to decide on a purchase or an opt-in. In such a scenario, you’ll need to use content writing to inform them so they can decide at a later time.

With content writing, you’re comfortable allowing your target audience to do their own research. Customers will look for your content to discover more about you before they put their trust and money into your goods or services.

While content writing is a tool for education, copywriting is a sales tool for your business. Using both can help your marketing efforts.

How to find writing talent for your business

It is no news that top-quality content can fuel the success of a business. As a business owner who knows the underlying benefits of promoting your business through consistent content, finding the right talent should be your forte.

These are some of the ways you can find writing talents even amidst scarcity. 

What does a Copywriter do?

Copywriters create clear, engaging content that is tailored for various advertising media, such as websites or print advertisements.

A copywriter has many responsibilities. People aren’t merely motivated to act by attractive phrases alone. You must learn the skill of diverting people’s attention from various brand messages that are blasting them every day.

What does a Content writer do?

A content writer crafts concise, original, and appealing copy. Some essential skills content writers need and their duties include conducting research, editing, and using SEO tools to produce original material.

What Is The Best Way To Use Copywriting and Content Writing

You can develop successful, focused brand messaging by being proficient in both content and copywriting. You’ll gain your audience’s trust and influence them to pick you at all times.

However, the best way to incorporate both in your marketing strategy is to use content writing to grow and nurture your audience while you use copywriting to cause instant purchasing actions. 


A company’s ability to sell its goods and services increases with the level of brand loyalty it enjoys. Therefore, it is clear that content and copy complement one another and should be a component of any brand’s marketing plan.

Every marketer and business owner needs to understand the difference between copywriting and content creation and how to use them wisely for business growth. Content writing can establish you as an authority while copywriting helps in sales and persuasion. 

Despite the differences in their usage, content writers and copywriters have the ability to convince, influence, and add a lot of value.

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