9 things that make for good Content Writing

good content writing

Fine, you carved in. The buzz got to you- you’ve realized that your business needs content.

How then do you write content that gets results? It is important for you to know that good content is a product of strategy.

When writing content, keep in mind that the end goal is to inspire, educate, and entertain the audience.

 Regardless of the type of content you write; emails, social media posts, ads, blogs, articles, etc., it should be logical and systematic to keep readers interested.

Good content is relevant to the topic and addresses the topic accordingly.

What is content writing?

What makes for good content writing

Content writing is about compiling, proofreading, and publishing a written post or content in a digital format.

“Content writing is the process of writing, editing, and publishing content in a digital format. Content can be blog posts, video or podcast scripts, e-books or white papers, press releases, product category descriptions, copy for landing pages or social media, and more

Essential elements for good content

Below are tips and essential elements to consider when writing content to ensure it resonates with your readers.

1. The title or headline

A good and appealing title or headline is very important when creating content, as this is the first element that will make your content look captivating and capture the interest of your target audience. If the title of your blog or article is attractive, most readers will read it.

2. The introduction/hook

There should be a well-written introduction to your topic. Whether your audience will continue reading your article or not depends on how you introduce the topic.

3. The layout

A well-arranged content helps the reader pay attention. Use numbers, lists, lining, and spacing appropriately. 

4. Compelling subheadings

Headings 1, 2, 3, etc. should be used in an appropriate manner. The sub-headings should not be interwoven and must fit the topic. Compelling sub-headings will also attract the attention of the readers.

5. Write like you are writing to a person, not a crowd

6. Use a call-to-action

7. Convey a message with a particular content

8. Write for human

9. Optimize for search engines

In conclusion, content writing is not a walk in the park, however, having the right piece in place from the onset sets you up for success.

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