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The safety of your content depends on who you are hiring, one of the reasons you should hire someone experienced as they have a system for keeping and protecting your information and they will not enlist it on a “content selling platform”.

If you are looking at hiring freelance writers who do not take credit for writing for your startup, they are all over the internet and they are referred to as ghostwriters.

Yes, you need a content writer. If you want to make headway with your startup. Not only should you hire one and have him/her on a retainer. A writer is also an integral part of your marketing team.

Expertise cannot be faked neither can experience be bought. Great writers understand what you need and what content principles to apply.

The duration for absorbing your idea depends on who you hire, that is why you should pay attention to your hiring process.

After validating your idea, the next right thing to do is hire a writer, as this enables you to put the right messaging out and to grow your revenue

No, you don’t but remember what you are paying for is the result you will achieve. So, how much is that worth to you?

You won’t get quality content cheaply.

If they are a fit for your need go ahead and hire them. Hiring has nothing to do with race or location. Result exceeds all these.

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