waste recycling

Experts Advocate Waste Recycling for Healthier Environment

At the Dawn Project Giving Prize, experts have encouraged Nigerians on waste recycling for a safer and healthier environment as part of efforts to promote a sustainable world. The event which was themed, “Recycle for Sustainability: Making a Difference in Our Climate and Our Lives”, was powered by the Dawn Project and held in Lagos.
research and development

Sustaining logistics support in NAF through R&D

Round the world, air power plays a huge role in tackling insecurity. Nigeria is not left out in tackling internal security challenges ranging from militancy in the South-south, pipeline vandalism in the South-west, cattle rustling in the North-west, Boko Haram Terrorist insurgency in the North-east and insurrection in the East.
women's health

Ways to improve women’s menstrual health

This is in line with the World Health Organisation’s calls for need to recognise menstrual health as a health issue. In a press statement signed by the Founder of Immunotherapy Nigeria, Dr Lawrence Olagunju, he explained that Immunocal, a novel class of immunotherapy, was designed to supply the molecules needed by the body to repair itself which includes a broad range of damaged cells, resulting in hormone balancing for men and women

Dreamspace Unveiled to Promote Creativity

The Chief Executive Officer of DreamStream Resources Company Ltd, Damilola Oluwatoyinbo, has unveiled DreamSpace, to promote creativity and knowledge-driven skills for all across the country. Speaking to newsmen at the formal launch in Ikeja area of Lagos, Oluwatoyinbo encouraged youths to invest in themselves while emphasizing that knowledge acquired cannot be taken away from anyone who has it

E23 launches its Quick Commerce Service

This press release got picked by 257 media houses in my client niche. Italy, Rome. E23, an Italy-based tech startup, today announced the launch of its airport delivery service, a scan and shop initiative that makes it easy for travelers to find retail stores with the best deals, shop duty-free at their convenience, and pick up before departure or upon arrival.
Empowering women

Peak Performance

At the maiden edition of The Peak Performing Woman Interactive Session which was held in the Victoria Island area of Lagos on the theme, “Overcoming Self-limiting Beliefs” powered by The Peak Performer Africa, the panelists charged every woman in Nigeria to eschew self-limiting beliefs and be the better version of themselves to attain peak performance
Chateau Blanc

Chateau Blanc

Chateau Blanc is born out of the desire to serve and enhance community development. This is evident as Cindy White mentioned they became the first kosher facility because “They wanted to be able to offer a place for individuals who couldn’t easily travel to Cuba because of their dietary restrictions”.
Idea validation

How to Validate Your Startup Idea

Idea validation confirms the popular quote “think before you act”. Relatively it is testing and validation of a startup before launch.
startup fund raising

7 Ways to Raise Funds for Your Startup

No startup in the history of the world can raise money just to get going unless you are Elon musk, or Mark Zuckerberg, no one is going to give anybody money just to start something. If somebody is going to take a risk they are going to take a risk on a person that has experience.

9 Ways to Create a Pitch

For a couple of founders, a pitch is a devil they can't do without for others it is a saint they cannot live without. Whichever category you belong to, a winning pitch desk is critical to getting funding for your startup. At the end of this, you will gain the confidence and clarity to pitch your ideas.
market research

What is market research?

Founding a startup can be daunting, it sure takes a lot of grit and patience to sustain one. The unending demand of launching a startup could get founders focusing on one part of the business and neglecting the other.
Hangout with Tee

Hangout with Tee Moment

Hangout With Tee is an undeniably rewarding platform that seeks to inspire women into attaining sterling heights in their various fields while also keeping up with social life
Clear view hospital

Clearview Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

One of the leading healthcare providers, Clearview hospital, Lagos recently marked its 5th anniversary in Nigeria’s healthcare space. Clearview has developed novel solutions to unmet care needs of people and is growing to care for more. Established in 2017, Clearview hospital was set up as a mother and child care facility with a special emphasis on fertility medicine, offering patients quality care in an unparalleled ambience
startup fund raising

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