How to Find and Hire the Best Writers in 2023

How to find and hire the best writers in 2023


As a business owner or individual, you want to stand out among your competitors, expand your online presence and build trust with your customers. However, you cannot achieve all these without leveraging the power of content creation.

Whether you like it or not, businesses require a steady stream of high-quality content these days. This is because content creation can help you achieve your marketing goals easily. When you consistently produce effective and efficient content, Google will rank your website and increase your company’s DR and DA ( domain ranking and domain authority).

While you may decide to take on your content writing headache by yourself, you might as well outsource to competent writers to produce it on your behalf. It all depends on you. However, if you want to make the investment of hiring writers, that’s a good way to go.

In this article, I’ve compiled four (4) major ways you can find and hire the best writers. Let’s go!

How to find and hire the best writers in 2023

4 Ways to Find and Hire Writers

1. Online Communities

A Community is a place where people with common interests and skills hang out. It can be challenging to find good writers, especially if you don’t come from the writing world. To avoid hiring incompetent writers, getting writers from the community is a great option.

You can locate excellent writers in writing forums since these groups are teeming with authors who are actively pursuing their careers and seeking new opportunities to grow.

There are several communities for freelance writers. Some of these communities are

  • Facebook groups
  • Reddit
  • Freelance writer’s den
  • Certified Writers
  • Freelance Content Marketing Writer and so on

These are just a few examples. In addition to writing groups, look for communities that serve your industry, such as travel, personal finance, or health, and communicate your desire for a writer with them.

How to find and hire the best writers in 2023

2. Freelance Marketplace

Companies can find remote workers in the freelance market for tasks or positions that don’t call for permanent employees.

There are several platforms to find and hire content writers, but it is crucial that you pick the best so you can avoid crappy content. Here are a few of these websites:

No matter the kind of freelancer you are looking for, Upwork has emerged as one of the top platforms to work with. With over 12 million registered freelancers and almost 5 million registered clients, it is the largest platform for independent contractors in the world.

You can find projects and freelancers connected to any area of expertise.

With over 250 categories, Fiverr links freelancers and organizations online with an incredible, comprehensive array of professional service offerings. On this platform, remote workers list their rates so that clients can find them and assign them projects.

Small businesses who need assistance with website building, logo design, writing, or marketing are best served by this website. Their customer list includes well-known companies like Intel, Microsoft, and Boeing.

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

It is one of the biggest and greatest freelancing marketplaces since it offers a huge selection of categories, including web development & design, mobile development, and many more.

Its main objective is to connect its clients with the appropriate individuals. Every person you work with has been hand-selected by them, which gives them a special advantage in terms of quality of people and work.

FlexJobs is a platform that specializes in flexible employment and different freelancing options such as on-site employment, remote employment, and flexible work hours. You can always select based on your interests from over 40,000 freelancers.

How to find and hire the best writers in 2023

3. Content Companies

Finding a content writing service that can supply your website with high-quality, well-written content is crucial in today’s cutthroat internet market.

ConvertBunny is a content marketing firm that produces expert content for SaaS, eCommerce, Healthtech, and so on. They assist you in growing your audience by producing excellent content that appeals to your niche market.

They can create a customized solution that fits your needs, whether you want to outsource content writing services or need assistance with content strategy.

On this website, you can access top writers who have been chosen for you based on their competence. You will have the choice to order jobs by either inviting a handful of the platform’s best writers to apply for employment or by posting themes publicly.

Additionally, you’ll be able to approve writer proposals and provide SmartMatch tasks to authors at a set cost for them to accept and begin working on right away.

Here, you can buy quality content on demand. Thousands of approved, usable pieces are posted by writers each month on the marketplace, and they also create custom content upon request.

Content is always available anytime you want it for your business.

4. Job Boards

Looking at the several hurdles encountered by writers before getting jobs. Majority have positioned themselves in different places in order to secure high-paying gigs. Some of these job boards include:

LinkedIn is more of a professional networking platform than a job board, but you can filter your search to look for professionals’ hands for your jobs. The benefit of using LinkedIn is that the hiring company can have direct access to writers and easily reach them.

Online and offline small businesses are understanding Craigslist’s marketing potential, from e-commerce sites to furniture wholesalers. The 1996-founded Craigslist website receives roughly 10 million daily unique visits.

In more than 300 areas, Craigslist links buyers and sellers through an online classified ad format sorted by city or region with free posting.

If you want to find and hire a competent writer, problogger is a favorite for many people. You might want to consider it.

This is a significant benefit for people who wish to maintain a site that is full of engaging and relevant information for their users.


Going through these platforms and websites can help you discover the best content writers depending on your business niche. To ensure you get quality content you can give writing briefs/outline to your writers.


How do I find a content writer?

  • Through referrals
  • Content marketing platforms
  • Writer job boards
  • Freelancing platforms

How much should a content writer be paid?

Content writers aim at producing high-quality, relevant, and engaging content for different purposes. However, their salary depends on the following:

  • Years of experience
  • Skill and Expertise
  • SEO knowledge
  • Communication and Writing abilities
  • Job Location
  • Employer Company
  • Job Description and Responsibilities

How do I manage a remote freelance writer?

If you are to manage a remote freelance writer, you should:

  • Leverage technology
  • Have standard operating procedures
  • Refine your hiring funnel
  • Push for accountability
  • Focus on outcome and activities

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