Content writing for startups: Tips&Tricks


content writing for startups

The dimension of a successful business is enormous and it is quite easy to go under the water without proper support.

In a research by the content writing institute over 91% of marketers achieved success with their content marketing in 2021.

If sales and engagement are top of your list then read on!

Why is content marketing important for startups?

Now, that you’re invested your personal funding into your business or secured funding what becomes of that capital to grow your business let’s clarify this, the goal of every business is sales, without sales, there is no business. 

And the most effective ways for startups to do is organically- a form of customer acquisition that is not paid this can include referrals, community building and social positioning.

It costs 5X more to acquire new customers, imagine if at all times you have a head cost for every customer acquired. How much would you be losing exactly?

With content marketing, you build a network of people who are aware of your brand, like what you do and see you as a credible source to transact with.

Content marketing also helps Google to trust you and more eyeballs =more conversions.

The best way to make this work for your startup is to create content relevant, helpful, and valuable content for your audience.

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The only marketing that’s left is content marketing

Seth Godin

Content writing mistakes to avoid

Content writing mistakes to avoid
  1.  Product /service-centered content: People want to know about your startup and not in the way you think.

The world needs positive selfishness to thrive Ted Nicholas.

So, instead of saying what your product is lead with its benefits.

People will buy comfort over a soft mattress

Saving time and preservation over 5.11 inches fridge.

A product that helps them live long over whatever your product is called 

Good sight over vitamin E supplement. 

PRO TIP: Remember, you are the only one that knows the unique twists of your business, if you don’t communicate that efficiently you risk losing them to 350,000,000 businesses that launch yearly.

  1.  Not having a persona: successful content marketing is based on a strategy and a persona helps you do that. It is important to understand who your content is for, this should be part of your research and development process before launch. Whatever information you have on your target audience should be diverted into building a messaging system that appeals to them.
  2.  Excessive personal content: while your personal stories are important to your personal brand, some of them do not help the business anyway. A rule of thumb is to look at your personal narrative that highlights lessons, mistakes and the journey to building your business.
  3.  Inconsistency: Too many people stop too soon, while you don’t have to post every day find a schedule that works for you and stick with it
  4.  Impatience: Before you stop after a month, stay with it for six months to twelve you will be amazed at the result. Have a clearly defined goals it helps you steer clear pressure.
  5.  Lack of strategy:  The success of your content marketing strategy is hinged on strategy. this could be engaging for 30 minutes daily, having a content calender or content production process. Whatever it is, ensure you have one that fits your business goal
  6.  Money driven: Content marketing is not a ponzi scheme, it takes about 6 months to see significant process, while you are investing in this process put teaching and helping others first and the only will run to you in ways you didn’t think!

5 Content writing tips for startups

  1.  Build your brand
  2.  Encourage your workers
  3.  Implement SEO
  4.  Get on social media
  5.  Focused on trust building.

     7 Tips for hiring content writers.

This post will help you find and hire the best writers

  1.  Ensure they align with your goal
  2.  Make expectation known
  3. Provide a system for feedback and accountability
  4.  Provide Briefs
  5.  Pay promptly
  6.  Stay away from content mills
  7.  Access experience

     Types of content you need

  1. Blog post: To draw traffic to your website and help you reach people you would not have on social media. For this to be successful invest in SEO and distribution.

2. Social media: Every opportunity is to your advantage, when you spread beyond web content you magnify your content potential and increase your authorship and trust. 

      Things you need to know about content

  1. Headline

2. Hook

3. Body

4. Distribution

5. Repurposing

          How to research great content

  1. Semrush
  2. Google
  3. Hashtags
  4. Social channels

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