Content Marketing Strategies for Startups to Master in 2023

content marketing strategies for startups to master in 2023

No doubt, startups play a crucial role in economic development from the provision of jobs to the alleviation of poverty.

Startups are prone to success and most likely failure. As 1 in every 10 startups fail after the first year. Like every successful business startups need techniques to stay relevant in their audience mind.

With a marketing strategy you are able to attract and retain customers at every stage of the buyers journey.

The use of social media and the production of content, podcasts, e-books, etc. have greatly increased. All of this is content marketing to increase brand awareness.

What is content marketing?

content marketing is about creating valuable and knowledge-based content to stay relevant. This also leads to your brand being perceived as an authority and helps you convert prospects into customers. The importance of content marketing is that it addresses the needs of your target audience.

74% of companies have realized that content marketing has improved lead generation, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Despite its widespread importance, content marketing will not achieve maximum results if proper strategies are not in place. Strategies are plans and actions designed to achieve a goal.

Content marketing strategies

Content marketing strategies help you share content effectively with your target audience. it is important for you to understand that your product cannot appeal to everyone, the goal is to be an authority in your chosen market such that people turn to you when they need your product/service.

5 content marketing strategies you should start with

Content marketing strategies

These are in no particular order sure-fire strategies:

1. Influencer marketing

Using influencers to promote your content, helps you reach a larger number of people and also leverage the credibility they have built over time.

Influencers are experts at what they do, their followers will most likely trust a brand they endorse.

“Whether you are co-creating something new or including a simple quote from someone well-known in your field, including influencers in your content marketing efforts is a win-win. You can benefit from your influencer’s brand, thought leadership, ideas and reach, so you can create more content and ensure you reach a broader audience. “- Amanda Maksymiw, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Lattice Engine

2. SEO

Search engine optimization allows you to rank your content with specific keywords and phrases that your target audience uses regularly.

This way, you can optimize your content to make it more visible to your audience. The most important thing is to know the words your audience uses in search so you can include them in your blog posts or content. while including such keywords into your content make sure you address intent too. 

3. Email marketing

This type of strategy helps build brand loyalty by regularly engaging with your audience, sharing valuable and free content.

You can share promotional offers and freebies, because who does not love giveaways? It is also useful for attracting new customers. Most people trust the person who provides useful offers to their audience.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to leverage other people’s audience, build authority and backlinks.

5. Social post: Over 5 billion individuals have access to the internet. Being active on a social media platform gives you an edge over slow competitors.

Engaging content on social media entices people to follow and like the post and eventually buy from you

In a survey by DemandGen 44% of respondents say they consume three to five pieces of content before engaging with a vendor. Not only is content marketing cost-effective, but it also generates traffic and leads years after it’s been published. it never wears old. A digital footprint is essential for businesses to respond to the ever-changing behaviours of customers.

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