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2007, writing became a thing

 It was a cold afternoon in 2007, I had my head between my legs, thoughts of my present condition filled my heart – restlessly I devised a means to pacify myself.

I thought for a few minutes about whether it would ease my pain and give me hope, but I did it anyway – I wrote down the things I was going through!

 I had a eureka moment: I’d found a companion who didn’t judge or question my feelings. I looked forward to writing every day, and I did!

 From that experience, I started writing, but it didn’t become a thing until a few years ago when I realised I could write specifically and strategically for certain people and get them to move the needle.

 Look at what Lori said after she read my content “Hi Esther, I was thinking this morning, and you came to my mind. As I work toward getting my company up off the ground and getting my message out to the world I struggle with getting people to recognize and trust me. I have many years of experience working for other companies, but my company is new. 

I know it is typical for any new business to have a slow start while building trust and respect, so I am being patient. Though I really want to make an impact by changing the conversation around mental health so I am trying to find ways to develop the trust and respect I need to get going. 

I thought of you because of your expertise in writing. How much would it cost me to get an outline that I could provide to those who would like to tell their stories but are unsure how? Can you help me with this?”

I believe in authenticity- everyday people telling their stories, solving problems and giving hope to anyone who may need it.

 My mission is to help startups tell an authentic story, gain trust and get people loyal to their offer.

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What people are saying
seo content writer
“I have had the pleasure of working with Esther and I cannot say enough good things about her! If you’re looking for a content writer who can take your project and run with it, Esther is your girl. She’s professional, timely, trustworthy, and has a great personality – not to mention a beautiful smile.”
Lori Henderson

CEO & Founder Empathy Link
seo content writer
“I have had the pleasure to work with Esther on multiple writing projects, and she displays exceptional professionalism and promptness in delivering work. She has an inquisitive voice and will ensure she doesn’t leave any doubts to the last moment. I highly recommend anyone looking for an earnest writer or editor to work with Esther! ”
Tushar Mehta
seo content writer
“The project exceeded my expectations, when I had thought to write my autobiography I was inspired by my son but I didn’t know it would be detailed. I’m glad I met Esther, not only did she do a good job, she did it excellently well. She was patient with me and took her time to get in tune with my story. During the project she was available, her communication ethic beats my imagination. ”
Elijah Oyelakin
content writer
“Esther is a highly professional content creator for three main reasons. First, she fully understands the content creation process and her role in that process, which is taking complex ideas and clarifying them so that the intended target audience can benefit from information packaged in an entertaining and concise written format. ”
Gregory Pearson
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