Content writing services for Startups

Content designed for your target audience so you can have their trust

I create quality content that helps you start a conversation with your prospect, attract loyal customers and overtake your competitors

Content writing services
Content writer

Not getting the trust your product or service deserve?

I get it, you have an idea

It is important to you, you believe it is useful, viable and the world will love it.

For certain reasons you held on to it for long- but every great idea finds its way out.

Now that it is out you have thousands of objections … Will the market like it? Will they trust you?

And that’s how I come in

I’ll work with you to create strategic content fit for your customer journey, capture useful traffic and increase conversion.

Quality content that makes your phone ring!


What I do

People won’t trust you because you write to them, you must slowly prove yourself as an authority, to help you achieve that I plan, craft and publish effective content- one that helps you achieve your business goals.

You can be human and still win; I mean to say there is no way other than this- I work with startups and small business who are concerned about the people they serve.  I research for search engine, I plan for your marketing objective and write for your prospects.

Content writer with SEO experience

SEO content writing/blog writing

Content marketing brings you 3X leads and costs 62% less than other traditional marketing strategies. Your advantage? Helpful content.

I use  the best of tools and means to create content that meets your marketing needs.


Website copywriting

People buy from people

Grab attention and address benefits. People are more concerned about what’s in it for them… tell them in 5 seconds or you lose them

  • Original and engaging content that captures your brand’s unique voice
  • Comprehensive keyword research to ensure your content ranks well in search engines
  • Fast turnaround time and attentive customer support
  • Basic conversion rate optimization


Expert website copywriter
email marketing expert

Email content writing

For every $1 spent on email $42 is gained. My goal? Write you emails that nurture and convert.

I specialize in crafting engaging and effective copy for your business’s email campaigns. I have a proven track record of increasing open and click-through rates for my clients. Not only that, but I have expertise in various industries and can tailor the messaging to your specific target audience. 

Why Choose Me

Content That Sells

65% of top-performing organizations have a documented content marketing strategy.

 Do you?

Always On Time

Want your content done well, without having to wait for feedbacks or being ghosted? then I'm your guy.

Content that drives result

You must have heard people say B2B brands are not so fun. Well, I changed that for my client. increased open rate by 81% and got people to love their brand.


It's simple, I help you make impact with customer driven content.
Great content save the consumer.

A Few Words

About Me

I started my first business 10 years ago. I managed a team of over 10 individuals. I have experience working with startups in UK,US and Australia. I have a knack for brands, an eye for design, a digital mindset and a passion for influencing people. I’m studying digital and multimedia journalism at the London School of Journalism


Helping startups gain loyal customers with content
Content writer
Quality content for startups
Content writing services
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What people are saying
seo content writer
“I have had the pleasure of working with Esther and I cannot say enough good things about her! If you’re looking for a content writer who can take your project and run with it, Esther is your girl. She’s professional, timely, trustworthy, and has a great personality – not to mention a beautiful smile.”
Lori Henderson

Founder Empathy Link
seo content writer
“I have had the pleasure to work with Esther on multiple writing projects, and she displays exceptional professionalism and promptness in delivering work. She has an inquisitive voice and will ensure she doesn’t leave any doubts to the last moment. I highly recommend anyone looking for an earnest writer or editor to work with Esther! ”
Tushar Mehta
seo content writer
“The project exceeded my expectations, when I had thought to write my autobiography I was inspired by my son but I didn’t know it would be detailed. I’m glad I met Esther, not only did she do a good job, she did it excellently well. She was patient with me and took her time to get in tune with my story. During the project she was available, her communication ethic beats my imagination. ”
Elijah Oyelakin
content writer
“Esther is a highly professional content creator for three main reasons. First, she fully understands the content creation process and her role in that process, which is taking complex ideas and clarifying them so that the intended target audience can benefit from information packaged in an entertaining and concise written format. ”
Gregory Pearson Member, Michigan Technological University

There is no upsell or salesy emails and you don’t have to hire me!

When you schedule a complimentary call, I’ll review your current content strategy, ask questions about your business goals and provide you a loose strategy and action plan to help your content marketing.

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