43 Ways to find content ideas to grow your business


45 ways to generate content ideas

If generating content ideas is a hassle for you, for one you are not sure if your words hit home secondly you are afraid to invest so much time only to end up with content people don’t find useful and relevant.

Well, that is not uncommon as over four million blog posts are one published daily. 

Social media posts? Uncountable

It is easy for your content to get lost if you do not have a way to generate ideas that speak to your target audience and help you convert them into buyers.

Continue reading to never stare at a blank page/screen again.

AI content idea generator

AI content idea generator
  1. Copy Ai: To use copy A1 for content idea generation. Click on the type of content you want to create. You have a variety of content types to choose from such as email, social posts, long-form blog posts, and more. Enter a few sentences about your brand and product. Run by the system, sift the result and choose the option that suits your need. Rewrite to suit your business needs and publish.

2. Hubspot blog idea generator: This free online tool makes it easy to generate topic ideas for blog post. All you need to do is enter nouns/terms/keywords. Relevant to your business

3. Answerthepublic: If you’ve written certain topics on your keyword and you’re wondering what content to write again. Answer the public is your go-to! input your long tail keyword/short tail keyword in the search bar run your search and you will have a number of results showing how people are inputting queries on your keyword into search engines.

4. Storylab.ai: This online tool generates content ideas for you and also helps you write the content by generating hooks and outlines that help you write great content.

To use this tool

Select the type of copy you want to work on.

Describe your purpose for the copy

Edit and publish the suggested copy.

5. Neural text: This online tool helps you automate your content operations. Start by typing a seed keyword, it suggests topics for you, and you can decide to group the suggested keywords into topic clusters. This tool also helps you analyze and optimize the generated content.

6. ChatGpt: Chat GPT is the rave these days. This is how the free online tools work. You type in a command usually in form of a question or anything clear enough for it to pick, this allows you to generate a reasonable response. The input text is divided into individual words to be analyzed. The transformer encodes the text you input and generates possible outputs for your input.

7. AIseo: AI SEO helps you convert your thoughts to blogs and can write for you at the click of a button. It helps you generate a whole SEO-optimized blog post in one go. It works by analyzing data that contains information about your audience type of content and other important parameters.

43 ways to generate content ideas

How to generate months of content ideas in a day

1. General forums: Places like Quora, Reddit and Crendo are good for content inspiration as people ask questions about any and everything and there are always people who share their opinion. All you need to do is type in a topic, and check the search result that suit your industry and need. Then start creating.

2. Groups: Do you belong to industry-related groups on Facebook or LinkedIn, they are great for content all you need to do is search the group for conversations, note what people are talking about majorly, and create your content.

3. UGC: When people purchase your product or services encourage them to share a social post or testimonial that piece can then be converted into content.

4. Industry forum: if you go on Google to search for forums specific to your industry, you will find a lot, scroll through the options, see people’s responses to questions, news, and questions people ask.

5. Your favourite creators: I believe everyone who has social media working for them have a strategy. I have also in time past rewrote the best-performing headlines of my favourite creators. All you need to do is turn on your notifications, read their content, reshare theirs or recreate yours. Please give credit in a situation of copy and pasting.

6. Hashtags: Hashtags are powerful for finding people’s thought on topics or keyword. A general, trending, or industry hashtag helps you find old and new content that serves as inspiration for your content production.

7. Ask Expert: Have you spoken to an expert about your idea? What have they advised? What stood out from your conversation with them? Turn it into content.

8. Focus group: Put together a group of four to ten persons who have some knowledge about your business ask them questions and let them share their feelings and perception. Doing this will not only help you generate content ideas but also understand your target market.

9. Client Calls: When you get on calls with your prospect or client what common phrase do they mention? What problems keep recurring? What does their desired output look like? Do they say anything about why they hired you? Great, you’ve got yourself content.

10. Google search: It took a while before I started using Google to research content but ever since, I’ve wished I knew it earlier. Go to Google type your industry and [content] it will show you the list of content in your industry and authors.

11. Youtube: Youtube strategy has worked for me over and again and I think it is untapped. All you have to do is open your youtube application and type a keyword related to your industry. Click on videos that appeal to you and scroll to the comment section/ you will see questions people are asking and commenting patterns.

12. Instagram Feed: Who you follow determines what shows up on your feed, be sure to follow creators that help your business goals. Your feed also contains relevant Ads and suggested posts. By looking at other creator’s content you are inspired to create content.

13. Survey: Using tools like SurveyMonkey and type form to create questionaries or quizzes helps you understand what content your audience wants. Don’t load people with questions make it easy and fun.

14. Your website: Take a look at your FAQ section determine what content can be repurposed. Examine your comment sections also what are people saying, what questions are they asking these are all sources of content ideas.

15. Your Blog post: What are the statistics on your blog post anything to leave out or expand? Are there old blog post that can be reshared into snippets for other platforms.

16. Competitor website: What questions do your competitors get asked? Is there content they’ve created but you haven’t? Get to work!

17. Competitor content: What kind of content are your competitors writing? Case studies, Ebooks, whitepapers. How are they performing? You can determine this from the shares, comments, and likes. That is a pointer to a formula that has worked.

18. Conference Agenda: Check out the agenda of a conference. What everyone checks first right? Create content around those topics.

19. Roundtable Discussions: When you have a roundtable discussion at a seminar or conference, share your thoughts and be attentive to that of others say there is content everywhere.

20. Behind the scene: Okay, this is one of my favourite ways of generating content ideas your audience want to know how you get them results. Create a post telling or a photo showing.

21. Query from customer service: What questions do your customers ask the most? What part of your customer’s journey does the query fit into? Create content from those.

22. Customer objectives: When you talk to customers about your products/services, what are their main objections? Time, money, whatever it is, it is a great content idea.

23. Pinterest: Pinterest is a great source of content ideas, all you need to do is search your business niche and you will find thousands of pins on the same topic. Make content out of any you choose. It works well if your target audience uses Pinterest.

24. Webmaster tools: Go to your google console dashboard or Bing dashboard see the queries you are getting impressions for, pick a few, and create content from them.

25. Google-related searchers: The related search section of Google is a goldmine, you already have a headline or sub-headline as the case might be. All you need to do is add some paragraphs.

26. Controversy: Have a different take on popular topics like black History, Workplace, toxicity, Employee benefit, social media, LGBTQIA share it.

27. HARO: Help a reporter out is a great tool I have used to source for experts and it is very good for writing quality content. You can sign up to the platform, submit a query or respond to a query. To generate content ideas study the kind of pitches journalists send out, it helps you know what to write.

28. Google trends: When you know trending topics you can use the buzz to create content your audience love. If it’s the super bowl create content around that.

29. Google Alerts: Set Google alerts for topics related to your business and you will get lots of content ideas daily.

30. Newsletters: I know you are subscribed to over 50 newsletters, okay, tell me if I’m wrong. When you receive newsletters, read them and try to internalize a few things, create content around the idea that resonates with your business.

31. Personal story: Did you get late to work today? Struggling with imposter syndrome? Your personal experiences are great content ideas. Be sure to only share what you are comfortable with.

32. Forecasts: What are the predictions about your industry or business? Share it.

33. Statistics: Found out interesting stats about your business turn them into infographics or Linkedln carousel and share.

34. Announcements: Do you have any events coming up? Your customers want to know.

35. Your followers: What do people say about your product? what does it seem like your followers are concerned about? Are there people who engage your content the most? Turn it into content.

36. Templates: What principles do you follow for business? Do you have previous materials about your company policy and systems? Share it with your customer.

37. Instagram comment: What are your prospects on Instagram saying about your reels or live video? Make a post to the effect.

38. Old content: Scan through your old content, and rework your best-performing posts to generate more traffic.

39. Local business networking event: Do you belong to a corporate body within your industry mine is FCDC and IAPWE, I have conversations with people at our events and this inspires me to create content and you can do the same.

40. Newspaper: If it got to the news, it is important, address news articles or expatiate on opinions.

41. Industry myths: Find popular beliefs and myths then debunk them in your content. Ensure you make enough research to sound credible.

42. Journals: Are you in the medical, travel, or other industry? What did you read and find insightful in a particular issue? Your audience are probably interested in the same, share with them.

43. Industry Quotes: What are experts in your industry saying that is useful, inspiring and positive, and yet quotable? Create content from these.

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